Terms & Conditions

Please read the following carefully for optimal use of services provided by Zaeem Flowers.


It has to be noted that laws and regulations, procedures and services under Zaeem Flowers Website are subject to modifications in the course of time to be updated on this page. Therefore, the user shall be responsible for study and information on such modifications.


User/ Client Definition

User/ client means a person who visits Zaeem Flowers Website at www.zaeemflowers.ca, buys and registers his/her user information for order registration and using services of Zaeem Flowers.


To use Zaeem Flowers services, register your online order and buy, or contact us via various forms, all online. If your request is in compliance with principles and procedures, you agree that Zaeem Flowers replies your demand online (via email, SMS, phone call and other e-services).

Please take note that the email address and telephone numbers registered in the user profile are the only official address and phone numbers approved by user and all communications and replies are served via the same.

Terms of Purchase, Order Registration and Delivery

Users of Zaeem Flowers website may register orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All registered orders are processed during shop’s business hours (09:00 AM- 21:00 PM) and the first day after holidays.

Orders are registered online in Zaeem Flowers website under an order number and the invoice is sent to user email.

Zaeem Flowers makes effort to properly deliver all orders registered with the utmost speed and precision; however, if Zaeem shop runs out of stock, even after placing order, Zaeem Flowers reserves the right of cancelling order and/or option of reimbursement, and/or client may replace the finished item with another one.

Zaeem Flowers is always cautious about updating stock of flowers, prices and accurate data; nevertheless, in case of any problem in finalizing cart, wrong price and/or client’s withdrawal, the paid price will be reimbursed to the client’s account at the earliest possible upon coordination with the client.

Zaeem Flowers reserves the right to change order registration process and/or stop order placing.

In case of an error in the processing of registered order and/or online payment process, the user may contact customer service of Zaeem Flowers website and track the order and/or after guidance provided by customer service, complete payment process. It has to be noted that in case of such problems and request of client to cancel order and/or reimbursement of price, Zaeem Flowers will reimburse paid amount to client’s account at the earliest and upon required coordination with user.

Users are obliged to enter full, precise and correct information when registering order, and to review and confirm their user data. It is evident that in case of providing incorrect or inaccurate information, Zaeem Flowers will call the client to make sure of orders validity.

Users should bear in mind that the client shall be responsible for any inconsistent and deficient information and Zaeem Flowers shall have no responsibility for inconsistent and deficient information and wrong address of client.

Since this is an online order system, change of invoice information is impossible; therefore, Zaeem Flowers requests users to take the required care while fill in the form; if the invoice is to be issued for a legal entity, sel‌ect the option “invoice to be issued in the name of company”, enter information of company/organization to receive relevant invoice. Address registered or selected as client’s address will be included in invoice, so please ins‌ert correct information since change of address on invoice is impossible after order process and confirmation.

Zaeem Flowers provides users with delivery within approximately 4 hours after order registration during weekdays and 6 hours during busy days and festive season. Therefore, choice of proper time for delivery is with the user; the least time interval from order registration and delivery is 4 hours (within Zaeem Flowers business hours). In case of wrong hour choice by user and less than 4 hours, Zaeem Flowers shall reserve the right to change delivery time after required coordination with the client.

During delivery time (within the period requested by client), if client is not available at the mentioned place and address, or refrain from receiving order, the client shall be responsible for such inconvenience and the item will be returned to Zaeem Flowers; however, if the client is still willing to take delivery of order, it will be sent to the new address and/or the same address within the new coordinated time with the client and upon charging client with re-delivery cost and the paid price shall not be reimbursed.

If an order is placed to surprise the recipient, and if the recipient insists on knowing the name of client, Zaeem Flowers will inform name of client and shall not be responsible in this regard.

Zaeem Flowers tries to take the utmost care and patience to send prepared product to the recipient based on sample picture exhibited on the website; however, since flower is a natural and living commodity, and flower stock could be different on daily basis and in different seasons in terms of quality and freshness (buds and blossoms), and color; therefore, color and type of flowers are selected based on season and availability of flowers in Zaeem Flowers, and Zaeem Flowers tries to choose identical flowers when picking alternative flowers.

Order Registration for Certain Iranian Provinces   

For the sake of convenience, safety and wellbeing, Zaeem Flowers provides its services in major provinces through trusted flower shops in the center of such provinces.

It is evident that the stocks of types of products, flowers, facilities and equipment in any city and in any flower shop are exclusive of the florist in question, and flower order for cities of Esfahan, Shiraz, Tabriz, Mashhad and Ahvaz is prepared and delivered by major flower shops; therefore, the final product for delivery that is prepared in the city requested by the user will be different with the picture exhibited in the website. Nevertheless, Zaeem Flowers spares no effort to supply the final product as similar as possible to the registered order with the collaboration of agent flower shops, and the value and price of delivered product shall be equal to the cost paid by the client.

Zaeem Flowers is able to fulfill orders in the following cities:

Name of Province

Name of City

Tehran (by Group of Zaeem Flowers)

All cities and regions





East Azarbayejan


Razavi Khorasan




Alborz (by Group of Zaeem Flowers)

All cities and regions

Qom (by Group of Zaeem Flowers)

All cities and regions


Users may register their orders for mentioned cities whose orders are not prepared and sent by Zaeem Flowers during weekdays, except in official holidays.

Users should be careful when choosing delivery hours for the mentioned cities whose orders are not prepared and sent by Zaeem Flowers and consider the least period of time between order registration and delivery for about 6 hours during weekdays and up to 24 hours in busy days and special occasions.

International Order Registration

Zaeem Flowers has a brilliant and long record of sending flowers to all over the world for users of Zaeem Flowers website.

Users of Zaeem Flowers website may choose the country of destination, visit products applicable for that country, choose and register their order.

The registered order is sent to a florist in the city of destination in order to deliver the same on the date requested.

Since Zaeem Flowers is only an intermediate and the order is implemented and delivered by a flower shop in another country, Zaeem Flowers shall have no responsibility for timely delivery of order.

Users should keep in mind that delivery of flower in other countries during Saturday and Sunday will not be guaranteed and in case the agent flower shop is closed, order delivery may be accomplished one day prior and/or after weekends according to different laws in every country.

Orders to other countries during Christmas time, New Year, Easter shall not be accepted and in case such days are selected when registering order by mistake, Zaeem Flowers will cancel registered order after contact with the user and the costs will be reimbursed to the user’s account.

Since every country has its own official, religious and/or political holidays; also, if the user accidentally chooses such holidays as delivery date, while flower delivery will not be possible in such days in the country of destination. Zaeem Flowers after coordination with the user will

Since flower is a natural and living commodity, and flower stock could be different on daily basis and in different seasons; therefore, the color and type of flowers will be different in different seasons and stocks of flowers and plants in the country of destination; however, the agent flower shop will try to pick flowers with the most similarity to the ordered picture.