Privacy Policy Statement

Zaeem Flowers website respects and protects privacy and personal data of those who use services and facilities of this website.

Zaeem Flowers takes it upon itself to protect and maintain users’ privacy and registered data (name and surname, personal particulars, telephone numbers, fax number, email address, bank cards data, information on their interests to products, programs and services …, as well as information of persons whose information are provided by the user in order to send gifts) as much as possible and to use modern technology for a safe and secure user friendly online environment.

All information available through any services of Zaeem Flowers, including pictures, graphics, texts, logos, icons, trademarks, videos, downloadable data and copies, data and all contents produced by Zaeem Flowers are considered part of Zaeem Flowers’ properties.

The copyright and right to use any above-mentioned contents and those available in the website are exclusively belonging to Zaeem Flowers and Zaeem Flowers preserves the right to prosecute any use without obtaining written permit; furthermore, any use with commercial intention shall be prosecuted. Users are not authorized to use list of products, technical specifications of production, cultivation and management of flowers and plants, price and any use of the sections under Zaeem Flowers website and/or any services and/or materials, download or copy information with commercial objectives, any use of data mining, robot or similar methods to collect and extract data, and all rights shall be explicitly reserved for Zaeem Flowers website. 

In case of using any services of Zaeem Flowers, users shall be responsible to keep their account and password confidential and all responsibility of activities under user’s account and/or password shall be borne by the users.

Points for Parents

Zaeem Flowers website is a commercial website and certain included news and articles could be unsuitable for children.

Zaeem Flowers shall never collect data of persons under the age of 13 and Sever will automatically del‌ete information provided by individuals under 13.

In special cases that we have to collect information of persons under 13, the following should be observed:

  1. No information on commercial issues and personal interests will be obtained from persons under 13.
  2. We never contact persons under 13 for marketing and providing special prices.
  3. We contact parents if we need to get in touch with persons under 13; and any contact with the latter shall be subject to their parents’ agreement.