How to buy flowers and plants online?

There is nothing easier than ordering flowers and plants. With a few clicks and going through the following steps you could easily place your order on Zaeem Flowers website.

In the following scenario we suppose that we are going to send a bouquet of flowers for a friend’s birthday.



Step 1: Selecting Occasion and Order Type


On our home page you could sel‌ect the occasion or your desired order type.

Select Occasion or Order Type


In our case, we have selected the “Birthday” occasion first, and then we selected the “Bouquet” item among all order types related to birthday occasion. If you had no idea on what order type to select, you could simply choose “All Birthday Products” option.

Select related occasion and Order Type


Step 2: Selecting a product

You could simply view product details by clicking on them. To view more products in the list, click on “More…” button at the end of page.

Select a product


Step 3: View product details and sel‌ect additional items

As soon as you click on a product photo, more details such as product components, dimensions and product price could be viewed.

Please notice the product remark box in the bottom of page. You could also sel‌ect your optional desired additional items to be sent together with the product. Then you can continue the purchase process by pressing “Add to cart” button.

View product details and add additional items


Step 4: Sender information

We need some information to complete your order. We need your email address to send the purchase receipt to your email. Your phone or mobile number will be used in order to contact you in case of any questions or problems we might face.

If you prefer to have the final invoice on your company name please sel‌ect the “Invoice for company” option.

By filling up the required information, click on “Next” to go move the process forward.

Sender Information


Step 5: Delivery information and card text

We need to know the order recipient name, full address, delivery date and time to deliver your order as you wish.

By selecting the delivery location options, the shipping costs will be calculated and shown.

Please kindly note to choose a right date and time for delivery to prevent any potent delivery problems. If you wish same day delivery then consider the preparation time when choosing delivery time.

Delivery information


You could also fill up the card text section in the same page. Your card text would be definitely the same as what you type here. Don’t forget to put your name there, so the recipient will know the sender easily. Then click the “Next” button.

Card text


Step 6: Review and confirm order

Review the given information and click on “Confirm & Next” if everything is OK!

Review order and confirm


Step 7: Shopping Cart

Now the selected product and additional items are placed in your shopping cart. If you still wish to add more products to your cart then click on “Choose another product”, otherwise press the “Next” button.

Shopping cart review


Step 8: Proforma and payment method

Now everything is ready for placing your nice order. Here you can find general information on shopping cart products, total price and total shipping costs.

By clicking “Continue To Payment” button you agree our Term and Conditions, Customer Service and Privacy Policy. Then you will be redirected to the payment page.

Proforma and payment method


Step 9: Payment and purchase result

On the payment page you are asked to prepare your credit card information. We assure you that no information and data about your account will be saved here and anywhere. By clicking “Submit Payment” your card data will be checked.

Payment Page


Then you will be redirected to a page with purchase result message. If you receive a message regarding a successful purchase, then your order is placed correctly on our system. Otherwise the order is not submitted and there has been a problem. If you face problems within your purchase on the website or you are looking for other payment options, please contact our support team.

You will receive an email containing order details, tracing code and billing numbers as soon as the order is placed successfully on our website.


The order is complete! Now it is our turn to deliver the best flowers to you, friends and beloved ones.