Customer Services

Zaeem Flowers Business Days

Zaeem Flowers will be closed and inactive during the following dates in the current year:

  • 12th of Farvardin (31st of March 2020) (Due to ban of traffic in the time of Coronavirus Spread)
  • 13th of Farvardin (1st of April 2020) (Nature Day)
  • 26th of Ordibehesht (15th of May 2020) (21st of Ramadan- Martyrdom of Imam Ali (A))
  • 09th of Shahrivar (30th of August 2020) (10th of Moharram- Ashura)


 Guarantee of Quality

All flowers in Zaeem Flowers are provided on daily basis and with the best quality. In case of low quality of any item, the client will be informed and if permitted, it will be replaced with a similar item. For more information in this regard, please visit terms and conditions of Zaeem Flowers.

Dear users, If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact website customer’s service.

Search for Required Product

To find the product you need in Zaeem Flowers, there are several methods to proceed with:

  • Purchase by order: User may choose and order based on flower decoration from available variety of flower arrangements, such as bouquet, flower basket, table flower, standing basket etc.
  • Purchase for events: User observes and chooses based on the event for sending flower.
  • Purchase based on price: User selects filter, the price and period of time and observes products available and chooses accordingly.
  • Purchase by components: User, willing to use a specific flower in the product arrangement; selects filters and writes name of his/her favorite flower in the box provided and search in the list of products.
  • Purchase by international order: User, willing to send the product for countries other than Iran, selects the country of destination and observes available products for that country; then chooses and orders the flower.

Term of Calculating Delivery Cost

Cost of carrying product shall be borne by the client and such cost will be calculated and added to the product price after providing address.

For more information, please visit Terms and Conditions of Zaeem Flowers and Privacy Policy Statements of Zaeem Flowers.