Pot Plants
Suitable for Birthday , Launch & Opening , Festivals , Anniversary , Get Well Soon , Business Gifts , Christmas , Graduation , New Baby , Girls Day
گلدان, Agave Bracteosa

Height: 25 cm
Width: 25 cm
Preparation Time: 3.5 hours

Target countries: Iran

3.16 CAD

house soil house soil

5.26 CAD

Liquid fertilizer Liquid fertilizer

1.32 CAD

Arad insecticide spray Arad insecticide spray

2.63 CAD

Green Green

5.00 CAD

HB-101 Fertilizer HB-101 Fertilizer

6.58 CAD

general information general information

2.37 CAD

Fertilizer 20-20-20 Fertilizer 20-20-20

1.32 CAD

espery espery

2.63 CAD

Sprinkler Sprinkler

1.58 CAD

Sprinkler Sprinkler

2.11 CAD

Gardening Hand Fork Gardening Hand Fork

1.32 CAD

Sticker Happy Birthday Sticker Happy Birthday

0.79 CAD

Circle HBD Sticker Circle HBD Sticker

0.79 CAD

Heart Sticker Heart Sticker

0.39 CAD

Large Merci Chocolate Large Merci Chocolate

31.58 CAD

Medium Merci Chocolate Medium Merci Chocolate

18.42 CAD

Unit price: 2.72 CAD
Total: 2.72 CAD

This item is only available in Tehran and suburbs.In case of unavailability of the flowers or pot, it will be possible to change it with similar flowers or colors.