Suitable for Birthday , Anniversary , Get Well Soon , Marriage Proposal , Festivals , Launch & Opening

Height: 50 cm
Width: 38 cm
Preparation Time: 3.5 hours

Target countries: Iran
Medium Merci Chocolate Medium Merci Chocolate

18.42 CAD

Large Merci Chocolate Large Merci Chocolate

31.58 CAD

Circle HBD Sticker Circle HBD Sticker

0.66 CAD

Heart Sticker Heart Sticker

0.39 CAD

Red organic beeswax candle Red organic beeswax candle

2.89 CAD

Yellow organic beeswax candle Yellow organic beeswax candle

2.89 CAD

Peachy organic beeswax candle Peachy organic beeswax candle

2.89 CAD

Unit price: 13.82 CAD
Total: 13.82 CAD

This item is only available in Tehran and suburbs. This item will be delivered in bouquet and without glass vase If you want one, please sel‌ect a glass vase from the optional items.