Suitable for: Birthday ، Fancy Design ، New Baby
Box, Phalaenopsis Orchid, Lilies, Rose, Foliage, Balloon, Dried flower

Height: 50 cm
Width: 50 cm

Target countries: Iran

5.63 CAD

Medium Merci Chocolate

8.75 CAD

Large Merci Chocolate

12.50 CAD

Single Gas Balloon

16.88 CAD

3x Gas Balloons

50.00 CAD

Teddy with Scarf

7.50 CAD

White Teddy

10.00 CAD

Unit price: 73.94 CAD
Total: 73.94 CAD

This item is only available in Tehran and suburbs. In case of unavailability of the Teddy Bear shown in the picture, another Teddy Bear with the same quality and price, with a different color will be replaced.